A Dementia Friendly Environment.

We adhere to the Dementia Enabling Environment Principles by:

Reducing and avoiding clutter to provide a home that is safe and easy to move around thus supporting movement and engagement with pathways free of obstacles and complex decision points, allowing our residents to pass points of interest and opportunities to engage in activities and social interaction.

We have redesigned our home to become a familiar space by use of furniture, fittings and colors. We encourage our residents and their families to personalize their room with familiar objects and personal pictures. Finally we provide internal and external places where our residents can choose to spend time with others or on their own, allowing them independence and freedom of choice.

We assist our residents with their Activities of Daily Living


  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Routine hair and skin care
  • Meal preparation
  • Feeding
  • Exercising
  • Toileting
  • Transfer/Ambulation (We require one person transfer)
  • Positioning
  • Range of Motion
  • Assistance with Self-Administered medications.
    • These includes:
    • Reminding a resident to take the medication at the prescribed time.
    • Opening and closing a medication container.
    • Pouring a predetermined quantity of liquid to be ingested.
    • Returning a medication to the proper storage area.
    • Assisting in reordering medications from a pharmacy.

Music & Memory Certification

Music Therapy.

We are a certified Music & Memory Care facility. The objective of Music & Memory Care is to provide our residents with access to their favorite music at any time. Music & Memory care has been proven to increase quality of life, reduced anxiety and agitation thus reducing the need for medication. Every resident and their families are highly encouraged to participate.

We invite you to view this amazing short video: "Alive Inside".

Certifications and Training

Our Personnel receive initial and ongoing training in Assisted Living and Dementia Care.

Dementia Awareness Lab. Our staff are required to participate in the Dementia Lab that allows them to experience what a person with Dementia has to live with.

EssentiALZ Certification. Developed by the Alzheimer’s Association in accordance with the Dementia Care Practice Recommendations, essentiALZ is an exam for any staff working in residential or community-based care which tests knowledge of evidence-based and person-centered care for individuals living with dementia.

Positive Approach to Care Certification. A much needed and outstanding program that enhances the quality of life of those suffering with dementia and their caregivers.

Our staff are required to obtain essentiALZ and PAC Certifications so we can provide the best care possible.

Multi-Sensory Environment

Multi-Sensory Environment

We offer a Multi-Sensory Environment and tools that allows our residents to be stimulated on all five senses.

Visual Stimulation with the use of fiber optic lamps.

Tactile Stimulation. We offer fidgeting blankets and other tools to allow residents to touch and explore different objects and fabrics.

Olfactory Stimulation with the use of Aroma Therapy.

Hearing Stimulation with the use of Music and sounds through our Music and Memory Program.

Taste Stimulation by providing nutritious meals and snacks that are tasteful.


Breathe Healthy Initiative

CleanAir EXP Technology.

We have installed in our home an Air Purification System that can neutralize almost all pathogens within our home such as common germs, mold, and mildew allowing our residents to breathe cleaner air within the home while reducing the potential for the spread of infections.

Vertical Gardens.

At Red Oak Memory we care about our environment. Our vertical gardens are designed to beautify our home, relieve stress, and along with our CleanAir EXP Technology, purify the air we share and breathe.


Fall Prevention Program

Our Registered Nurses perform Falls Assessments prior to admission and then as needed throughout a resident's stay. Our home has grab bars on every bathroom. For residents who are at higher risk of a fall, we can provide bed and chair sensor pads.


Each door and window in our home has a sensor to alert staff when a door or window is opened. In addition, each resident that is at risk of wandering gets a GPS Tracking Device.

Magnetic Locks

We have installed magnetic locks on gates and doors leading to the street for safety.

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